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C29 Granada is a young church, planted five years ago, with the focus of impacting the university and largely unchurched population in the city of Granada, Spain. The University of Granada has over 60,000 students, plus thousands more who come to study Spanish; of these, less than 100 are part of a Protestant church. Our heart and vision are to make disciples of Jesus who will reach and transform our society, Europe and beyond.

We are in the midst of a historic moment as a congregation. During the past several years, we’ve rented space in an arts and design college for our Sunday gatherings (with weekly setup required). The growth of the church and the many other projects we want to embrace are pushing us to take a significant step as a congregation; we are renting a strategic venue in the center of Granada, near the university campus and the heart of the city.

We believe God wants us to use a visible space which is accessible to the community; our heart is to create bridges to connect with the largely unchurched population in this area.

We became certain this was the time for such a major step after receiving a gift from Faithbridge Church, Houston, towards this goal. Yet, we still need to raise a significant amount to prepare and equip this new space to begin functioning as a church in this locale. Our vision is to make this venue available and suitable for a wide variety of purposes: gatherings, conferences, leadership training, arts expositions, evangelistic events for the university, serving refugees, partnering with other local churches and ministries, and for a number of other projects for the extension of God’s Kingdom.

Our goal is to complete the government licensing, construction projects, and equipping of the locale to begin functioning by May 5th, 2019.

Get involved with the exciting things God is doing in Granada! We need your help! We invite you to be part of this project as soon as possible, to impact this city for years to come!